Welcome to Trainwithjo.  I have set up this site so that I can write about running.  I know its been done before, but I think there’s room for more!

I hope to successfully  share my passion for running, give some top training tips, some tasty healthy recipe ideas and anything else I think might be interesting.

For me at the moment, there is one thing dominating the horizon, the Marathon des Sables.  I am entered to run in the next one, which takes place in Morocco in April 2017.  I hope my blog, which I am calling “Journey to the Sands” will be of interest. The plan is to show how a very normal (OK, that is debatable) mother of three, in her mid forties  will with the right training manage to run the 250 km famous Marathon of the Sands.  So keep reading !

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Happy Feet

Consider your feet!  This may seem obvious but feet play a major role in running.  Yet so many people  don’t give them a second thought. They are shoved into trainers and then expected to car… Source: Happy Feet

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